Signing Up For Horse Riding Lessons

After signing up for the first riding lesson and the initial joy of learning new skills, questions begin to appear about what the lesson will look like and what you need to know at the beginning.

Getting the right horse riding outfit always raises the most doubts. Are you wondering whether you need to bring breeches (breeches that protect you against abrasions), jacks (riding boots) and leggings (calf protectors) to the stud? Should you have a toque (helmet)? There are so many questions involved and this article will help you on this journey in horse riding attire.

The first riding lesson – how to dress?

Horse riding is a very pleasant and relaxing sport. However, you can not forget that there are falls. Remember never to get on a horse without a toe. This is extremely important because the headgear protects against possible injuries. You can borrow the first toque from the stud, and use a special knob to adjust its size to the head circumference. While there may be temptation to get lazy with this, one day it may save your life. Horseback riding is very dangerous. The instructor will show you how to check if the toque is too big. Children should also learn to ride a horse in a special safety vest.

A professional outfit is not needed at the beginning stages of riding lessons. The new student should get to know the horse and his habits and learn how to clean and saddle him. That is why in the first riding lessons instead of professional breeches, leggings or tracksuits are enough. Pants should not have stitches on the inside so that they do not rub off your thighs. This can be extremely painful in certain circumstances so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Remember: if you choose tracksuits, choose those with narrow legs, this will help protect your leg against accidental entanglement in the stirrup. There is no benefit to having excess amount of fabric flapping around that can get stuck somewhere and cause injury. Riding a horse is an unpredictable practice in a certain sense because we are doing our best to control the animal but we are not fully in control.


You do not need to buy special shoes for the first ride. Sufficiently covered shoes on a flat and stiff sole.

“I advise against wearing sneakers from the material, because the shoe has an additional protective function, because the horse can step on the rider during the preparation for riding” – says Magda Kozakiewicz, riding instructor in Dwór Droblin.

You do not need professional clothes – remember, however, that the outfit does not restrict your movements. Depending on the weather, put on a breathable sports shirt or sweatshirt and jacket. With the purchase of a professional outfit, it is better to wait until you get used to the animal and gain basic equestrian skills.

Thank you for joining me on my first of many articles to come about horseback riding and learning the overall art. These are beautiful creatures and it is important to have all bases covered in order to remain safe and have fun.